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UN peacekeeping guidance materials

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UN Photo/MINUSMA/Harandane Dicko

Guidance | United Nations Peacekeeping

UN peacekeeping is continuously evolving. The scope and complexity of the activities and responsibilities conducted in multidimensional operations by UN Peacekeepers is immense. There is a constant need for effective and efficient use of resources requiring a professional approach and clear guidance to manage operations.

UN peacekeeping guidance represents an extensive body of knowledge that supports peacekeeping personnel in the understanding and implementation of their tasks. This guidance (such as policies, standard operating procedures (SOP) and Guidelines (including Manuals and Handbooks)) provides direction and helps streamline work processes. This guidance materials contain good practices and lessons from field operations, support and articulate strategic goals of the United Nations, and are regularly reviewed. 

Here you can find key peacekeeping guidance materials that are publicly available.  

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