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Politics, the people and the press

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For 10 years Alastair Campbell was Tony Blair’s right-hand man as communications strategist and chief spokesman, often witnessing history in the making. As the most influential Government advisor, Alastair was no stranger to controversy, working the headlines and occasionally making them. He is one of four credited with creating New Labour, fighting numerous battles in their pursuit of modernisation. He was reviled by parts of the media but still respected for his commitment, creativity, loyalty and work rate.

At this wide-ranging conversation with Steve Richards, chief political commentator of The Independent, Alastair discusses the complexities of political communication and influencing, and compares his days at the heart of policy making to the changed world where social media increasingly dominates. (Published on May 21, 2013)

Sin el tuit siguiente, seguramente nunca habría tenido noticia de la anterior intervención de A. Campbell.

Propaganda: Poder y persuasión « MARKETING POLITICO en la RED 

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