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Poynter drops tuition through May 31st, 2020

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As a public service to the journalism education community during the coronavirus pandemic, we are pleased to announce that we dropped tuition for all News University webinars and self-directed courses through May 31, 2020.

Below are a few of NewsU’s most popular classes, now available for free for educators with code 20COLLEGE100:

Poynter Primers — great for your introductory courses
Consider adopting all three primers in the set or pick those that best fit your needs.

More advanced courses
From news editing to public relations, News University is ready with upper-division course resources. 

A full list of applicable courses can be found under Resources for Educators and Students under «Journalism Fundamentals.» 
Poynter is the fact-checking capital of the world, home to three fact-checking entities: the International Fact-Checking Network, PolitiFact and MediaWise. We are uniquely equipped to lead the fight against the global coronavirus infodemic. 

Here’s how you can join us and stay on top of coronavirus misinformation:

How will coronavirus-related closures and quarantines affect crime rates? By Al Tompkins.

The role of the press in the coronavirus pandemic is to provide truth, even if that truth is grim. By Tom Jones.

As higher education continues to pivot into a virtual reality, here are some resources for professionals and students charged with teaching or covering campuses remotely. By Barbara Allen.

Younger demographics have a higher coronavirus risk than commonly believed. Here’s how to talk to that audience. By Al Tompkins.

12 writing tools to make COVID-19 coverage comprehensibleBy Roy Peter Clark.



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