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Predictions for Journalism 2019: the year of the lawsuit

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Journalism — our freedom to report, the tools we use to unearth hidden information, and efforts to stop the guardians of the truth — will be increasingly defined by the courts.

In the last year the judiciary has made a handful of defining decisions about the relationship between government and media. The courts have decided whether President Trump can remove a reporter’s press pass, if a court can issue a prior restraint on the LA Times, and whether the President’s blocked tweets occurred in a public forum. Another case required the government to release its rules for surveilling journalists.

Here at The Center for Investigative Reporting, we have been battling our own lawsuit after Philadelphia city officials denied our application for advertising on the local public transportation system, claiming the ads were political speech.

ALEXIS LLOYD & MATT BOGGIE   The year product leads media

SIMON GALPERIN   After capitalism’s fire, journalism’s secondary succession

ERNIE SMITH   The year we step back from the platform

JONATHAN STRAY   More algorithmic accountability reporting, and a lot of it will be meh

TAMAR CHARNEY   Seriously: What do you do for people?

KELSEY PROUD   Journalism becomes the escape

BRIAN MORITZ   The subscription-pocalypse is about to hit

NICO GENDRON   Reaching Generation Z beyond the coasts

WHITNEY PHILLIPS   Our information systems aren’t broken — they’re working as intended

CRAIG NEWMARK   The end of “loudspeakers for liars”

SIMON ROGERS   Data journalism becomes a global field

JESSE BROWN   Canada’s subsidy for news backfires

CHASE DAVIS   We can acknowledge what we don’t know

ELIZABETH JENSEN   Going where the Acela can’t take you

JESSE HOLCOMB   We’ll get better at making the case for local journalism

KAWANDEEP VIRDEE   Media wants to take care of you

LATOYA DRAKE   Listen up: New stories, new storytellers

VICTOR PICKARD   We will finally confront systemic market failure

REYHAN HARMANCI   Selling more stories to Hollywood

CARL BIALIK   Fatigued news consumers will pay more for less news

COLLEEN SHALBY   Representation becomes more than a talking point

TYLER FISHER   This is journalism’s do-or-die moment

SOO OH   Just showing our work isn’t enough

ALEXANDRA SVOKOS   Good luck convincing us millennials to pay

NATHALIE MALINARICH   Video — yes, video


MICHAEL RAIN   The year of the culturally relevant curator

CINDY ROYAL   For journalism curriculum to change, its faculty needs disruption

AXIE NAVAS   The traffic hunt, CMS battle, and magazine identity crises loom

EMMA CAREW GROVUM   The year of the loyal reader

TSHEPO TSHABALALA   Ahead of African elections, unlock partnerships with fact-checkers

JOANNE MCNEIL   Building a digital hospice

GREG EMERSON   Power to the user

PATRICK BUTLER   Measuring impact will increase audience trust

RACHEL GLICKHOUSE   Newsrooms will prioritize audience needs

MATT KAROLIAN   Publishers come to terms with being Facebook’s enablers

JOHN BIEWEN   Podcasts keep getting better

MATT SKIBINSKI   Quality and reliability are the new currencies for publishers

HOSSEIN DERAKHSHAN   The news is dying, but journalism will not — and should not

JOSH SCHWARTZ   A pullback from platforms and a focus on product

JAMES WAHUTU   Think 2018 was bad? Wait until you see 2019

MILLIE TRAN   There is no magic — you’ve got this

ELVA RAMIREZ   News — but make it cinematic

BORJA BERGARECHE SAINZ DE LOS TERREROS   Entering a more balanced era

RENÉE KAPLAN   Our future could lie within our own organizations

JOHN SAROFF   The pivot to reader revenue’s unintended consequences

ADAM B. ELLICK   Video forensic reporting goes mainstream — and local

DHEERJA KAUR   A focus on problems, not platforms

SARAH ALVAREZ   Simplify and redistribute

ERIC ULKEN   The year you actually start to like your CMS

JOSHUA DARR   The nationalization of political news will accelerate

JACK RILEY   Facebook refugees, from ad revenue to news habits

MAT YUROW   Content competition from the tech companies

TALIA STROUD   Engaging people across lines of difference

JEAN FRIEDMAN RUDOVSKY   Cross-newsroom collaborations strengthen communities

PETER BALE   Venture capital runs out of patience

MARIO GARCÍA   The rise of content “pilots”

NIKKI USHER   Three ways national media will further undermine trust

BETSY O’DONOVAN AND MELODY KRAMER   The most beautiful sentence in 2019 is “No.”

JENÉE DESMOND-HARRIS   It finally sinks in that some people aren’t white

MANOUSH ZOMORODI   Tech will do for information overload what it did for mindfulness

HEATHER CHAPLIN   Agree we’re partisan — for the democratic system

AMY KING   We should listen to the kids (especially on Instagram)

ALEXANDRA BORCHARDT   Newsrooms need to build trust with their journalists, not just the audience

TUSHAR BANERJEE   Interactive ads will be the new face of display advertising

REBECCA SEARLES   From silos to Swiss Army knife teams

RICK BERKE   The year of loyalty

CAROLINA GUERRERO   Spanish-language audio blows up

CHARO HENRÍQUEZ   Pivot to journalism

MANDY JENKINS   Fight the urge to run away from social media

ALYSSA ZEISLER   We expand what (and how and who) we serve

JOEL KONOPO   Influencers become the new liberated power in Africa

JULIE POSETTI   The year of the fight back

DARRYL HOLLIDAY   Let’s talk about power (yours)

ZAINAB KHAN   Publishers whose products can stand up to social media giants will win

AMY SCHMITZ WEISS   Local news isn’t where you thought it was

MARIE SHANAHAN   Newsrooms take the comments sections back from platforms

REBECCA LEE SANCHEZ   We are all actors in the running rampant of political theater

BEN SMITH   The pendulum starts to swing back

ROBIN KWONG   Tech shouldn’t be the only field pollinating “news nerds”

KRISTEN MULLER   Local news fails — in a good way

RUTH PALMER AND BENJAMIN TOFF   From news fatigue to news avoidance

NICHOLAS JACKSON   More transparency around newsroom decisions

DAN SHANOFF   Bet on sports gambling

JARED NEWMAN   AI-generated fakes launch a software arms race

MIKE RISPOLI AND CRAIG AARON   Government funds local news — and that’s a good thing

GEETIKA RUDRA   The year of actionable (local) journalism

EFRAT NECHUSHTAI   Journalism wants to be your friend, not your teacher

JAKE SHAPIRO   Podcasting is media’s slow food movement

ERRIN HAINES WHACK   Say it with me: Racism

RUBINA MADAN FILLION   Fighting the reality of deepfakes

SETH C. LEWIS   The gap between journalism and research is too wide

KEVIN DOUGLAS GRANT   A year to embrace journalism as public service

BILL GRUESKIN   Toward a symphony model for local news

ANDREW DONOHUE   Voting rights becomes the new climate change

HEATHER BRYANT   We are responsible for how we use our power

CLAIRE WARDLE   Forget deepfakes: Misinformation is showing up in our most personal online spaces

JOHN GARRETT   You can’t raise prices forever

ELISABETH GOODRIDGE   Yes, they signed up — but our job’s not over

M. SCOTT HAVENS   Time to swing for the fences

JONAS KAISER   Catching up with “Neuland”

MIKE CAULFIELD   Ditch the media literacy cynicism and get to work

ADAM SMITH   Platforms will have to help rebuild trust in news

SARAH STONBELY   Mapping the local news ecosystem — with scale but detail


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