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Present challenges to the world order (ProSyn)

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PS On Air: Joseph Nye on Trump and the Liberal World Order

Harvard’s Joseph Nye discusses Donald Trump’s impact on international affairs with Mark Leonard, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, Le Monde’sGaidz Minassian, and Yuya Yokobori from Yomiuri Shimbun. [Listen to the podcast here.]

Photo of Photo of Bill EmmottPS On Air: Bill Emmott on the Fate of the West

 discusses his latest book with PS Contributing Editor John Andrews, Financial News columnist David Wighton, and Christoph Winder from Der Standard​.

Photo of Photo of Francis FukuyamaThe Emergence of a Post-Fact World

 surveys the West’s new political terrain – and sees a wilderness of uprooted institutional landmarks.

Revisiting the Global Order

JAVIER SOLANA The Pax Americana of the last half-century is on life support, but liberalism and multilateralism are not dead yet. An inclusive and mutually beneficial global system can still be resuscitated, if we … READ MORE

Photo of Ian BurumaLife After Pax Americana

 portrays a world that looks back nostalgically on the age of US global hegemony, despite its faults.

Who Will Fill America’s Shoes?

RichardHaass, It is increasingly clear that Donald Trump represents a departure from continuity when it comes to America’s global outlook and behavior. As a result, the US will no longer play the leading internatio… READ MORE 


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