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The World in 2019 (in sixty articles and reports)

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What awaits the world in 2019? Will Europe fall apart in the year of elections? One decade after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy shook the world economy, are we on the brink of a new global financial crisis? Are France’s “Yellow vests” protests a sign that the masses are now ready to take to the streets in other countries, too? Will 2019 be a turning point for Artificial Intelligence and its impact on warfare? Ten questions and ten focuses on the countries, crises, elections, conflicts, leaders and innovations “to watch” next year: with this special Dossier, ISPI has asked top international experts and thought leaders to explore the key global trends and challenges that will shape the world in 2019.

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African Union Expert Brief

A giant Earth artwork is displayed in the Hintze Hall inside the Natural History Museum in London, Britain on November 30, 2018. Simon Dawson/Reuters v @CFR

With each passing year, the number of international summits seems to expand. During 2019, globetrotting leaders will need to choose among a daunting array of meetings vying for their attention. Some of the most important will deal not with traditional security challenges or macroeconomic coordination, but with what is arguably the greatest dilemma facing humanity in the twenty-first century—namely, how to advance economic prosperity and social welfare without destroying the planet and prospects of future generations in the process.

The calendar for the coming year is heavily back-loaded, with most significant multilateral events occurring in the second half of 2019.


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