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Quo Vadis, EU?

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Thorsten Beck, Geoffrey Underhill

01 March 2017

The aim of this eBook is to focus on the post-crisis ‘socio-economic policy’ identity of the European Union in the post-crisis period.



Introduction: Europe – quo vadis?
Thorsten Beck and Geoffrey Underhill

Part I: European identity
1 A past of plural identities: The EU as a coat of many policy colours
Geoffrey Underhill

2 Reforging EU commonality after the crisis
Maurizio Ferrera

3 European identity through European experiences?
Theresa Kuhn

4 A tale of two models
Jonathan Story

Part II: The rise of populism
5 When it comes to globalisation, not all radicalisms are created equal
Brian Burgoon

6 Is the Brexit vote disconnected from the European Union?
Sascha O. Becker, Thiemo Fetzer and Dennis Novy

7 Brussels bureaucrats and Whitehall mandarins: Taking regional identity seriously
Diane Coyle and Rob Ford

8 A future EU: An inevitably emotional party animal
Gijs Schumacher

Part III: A new governance structure for Europe
9 State capacity, populism and the EU budget
Andrew Gamble

10 Brexit, political shock absorbers, and the three Rs
Kevin H. O’Rourke

11 A Europe of national responsibility
Erik Jones

12 Revitalising Europe’s soft power
Erik Berglof

Part IV: Policy areas
13 Political economy of reforms: Lessons for the EU from postcommunist transition
Sergei Guriev

14 Patches won’t do, fiscal federalism will
Charles Wyplosz

15 Restoring trust in the arrangements for Eurozone intergovernmental debt
Patrick Honohan

16 A New Fiscal Governance for the Eurozone
Jeromin Zettelmeyer

17 European Banking Union – a qualified success
Rachel A. Epstein and Martin Rhodes

Part V: The role of social scientists
18 The role of economists in the new world order
Thorsten Beck

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