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Reporting on immigration

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In an election as important as this one, #FactsMatter. Journalists have the important responsibility of keeping the candidates honest – and making sure that Americans are getting the full, accurate picture of what’s going on in this country.

Immigration is perhaps the least fact-checked and – consequently – least understood issue being reported on today.

And for a country that was built by immigrants, that just won’t do.

At Define American, we have created a virtual resource room where journalists and others who are interested in learning the facts about immigration can go to easily get the hard numbers, from the experts. These facts about the role of immigrants in America are from unbiased researchers, and can be used to frame constructive discussions.

State and local taxes
Social Security
Economic growth
Entrepreneurial rate
Total undocumented population
Population growth rate
Region of origin
Incarceration rate

Writing about ? 12 studies to check out .

Photo published for Writing about immigration? 12 studies to check out - Journalist's Resource

Writing about immigration? 12 studies to check out – Journalist’s Resource

Overview of recent studies on U.S. immigration issues, including the demographic traits of unauthorized residents and the empirical truths about exclusionary attitudes.


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