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Reporting terrorism (ICCT, v @jpmarthoz)

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The Battlefield of the Media: Reporting Terrorism in Conditions of Conflict and Political Repression

Andrew GlazzardAlastair Reed2 Nov 2021

This report synthesises the findings of four country case study papers which explored the challenges for journalists in reporting on terrorism in conflict-affected or authoritarian societies in the Middle East/North Africa region. The paper examines the aims and methods of states (which, in the region, are usually authoritarian and repressive) and non-state actors, including terrorist groups. It goes on to analyse the merits of citizen and conflict-sensitive journalism as approaches to reporting terrorism in such challenging settings.

Keywords: Terrorism, Disinformation, Media, Terrorism Reporting, Journalism, Middle East, Strategic Communications

…MORE (FULL REPORT, 21 pages)

The reflections on how to cover terrorism often focuses on attacks at home (or in countries people can easily identify with). This @ICCT_TheHague essay discusses reporting in «overseas» battlefields (Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt) @tom_renard


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