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Reuters Institute@risj_oxford
For the past four years Laura Saarikoski has been US Correspondent for Finland’s national newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, based in Washington. In this interview she talks about how reporting in America has changed. ‘I am very worried about the huge divide in the United States now between the right and left, and how journalism actually increases the divide… that… has already led to a very dangerous situation where the opposite side is not seen as somebody who disagrees with you, but [as somebody] who is also the enemy.’
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Reuters Institute@risj_oxford
Donald Trump: America's editor-in-chief?

Donald Trump: America’s editor-in-chief?

What’s behind Trump’s attacks on the media before the US midterms? Plus, Trump and the Christian Broadcasting Network. (AJE, Nov 3, 2018. Listening Post)

How the US media became the ‘enemy of the people’

The Chosen One: Trump and the Christian Broadcasting Network

The GOP has become the party of fake news and paranoid fantasies




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