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Russia’s information warfare

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Information War: Renowned Finnish Intelligence Colonel on the KGB Information Warfare Playbook Russia is Using on Ukraine and the West on Apple Podcasts


Renowned Finnish Intelligence Colonel on the KGB #Information Warfare Playbook #Russia is Using on #Ukraine and the West

Liz and Jessikka speak to a renowned former Finnish intelligence Colonel about the KGB-style psychological tactics of Russia’s information warfare currently used against Ukraine and the West. They discuss how culture and language differences can help explain why Russia and the West have completely different world views when it comes to democracy and truth.

Martti J. Kari is a former intelligence Colonel in the Finnish Defense Forces and teaches at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Watch Kari’s popular lecture on Russian strategic culture:

For more on the harrowing stories of those that have become targets of Putin’s information war, buy Jessikka’s book Putin’s Trolls:


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