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Safety kit for journalists (CPJ)

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CPJ Américas

New York, September 10, 2018–The Committee to Protect Journalists today released a Safety Kit to promote greater journalist safety. The kit, produced by CPJ’s Emergencies Response Team, includes safety notes to help journalists prepare for assignments, first aid videos, an updated Journalist Security Guide, and an expanded resource center.

“Journalists today are facing rapidly evolving threats, whether in the digital sphere or covering dangerous assignments on the ground. Freelancers and local journalists, who lack the support that a large media outlet might provide, are particularly vulnerable,” said CPJ Emergencies Director María Salazar-Ferro. “We want journalists to use these tools to feel more secure and be better prepared, allowing them to do their jobs and report the news as safely as possible.”


Security Guide

Safety Notes

Resource Center

First aid videos

Emergencies Response Team

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