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Sahel: crisis response

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The Sahel is at a cross-road. Recent events in Mali have fuelled increasing concerns over the security of the entire Sahel region. It has shown that the primary drivers of fragility in the region are cross-border and closely intertwined and that the simultaneous and long-standing challenges of poverty, access to food, climate change, fragile governance or absence of the State, corruption and unresolved conflict function as a springboard for instability.

In this context, the EU has accelerated the implementation of a comprehensive and holistic approach towards the region in the framework of the 2011 Strategy for Security and Development in the Sahel , which contains four lines of action mobilising more than €600 million :

  1. development, good governance and internal conflict resolution
  2. political & diplomatic
  3. security & rule of law
  4. countering violent extremism.


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