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It’s Tuesday, April 23, 18:40 hours in Madrid and, searching for data on foreign correspondents, I’ve entered the web of SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists), at Indiana University’s School of Journalism.

Devoted to help  journalism in its many faces since 1909, it is a very useful box of data, names, experiences, ideas and resources on the profession. Of the many valuable contents it offers, I’m specially fan of the sections Journalism and the World, Journalists’ Tool Box and International Journalism.

– Don’t forget the tilde: New Mexican president is Enrique Peña Nieto
– Texas photojournalist missing in Mexico
– Honduran Radio Journalist Killed
– Al Jazeera English Forced to Leave China
– French Journalist held by Colombian guerrillas
– Gangs, Government and Journalism in El Salvador
– Ecuador’s President Promises to Pardon Journalists
– SPJ President on Journalist Deaths in Syria
– When War Reporters are the Targets
– Violence Claims Two More Journalists in Syria


– Mobile Strategies for Community News and -Information Resources Five Great Tools for Mining Public Records

-Verifying Social Media Content

Ethics case studies page

Covering Guns

Incredible Infographic Tools and Resources

Federal Government

Digital Classroom Videos

Chicago Tribune Grammar Cheat Sheet and SPJ Pinterest: Grammar Goofs.


Religion Stylebook

Quick U.S. Census Facts

Business Resources

Pew Social Trends

J-School Legal


Directory of All Congressional Twitter Handles

Copy Editing, General Research, History

Reporting Tools, Phone/E-Mail/Maps Directories, Search Engines, Expert Sources, Investigative, Form 990s, Public Records, Ethics, Check Domain Names, General Research and Writing With Numbers.

College Media, High School Journalism, Design, Broadcast Journalism, Ethics, Writing, Reporting Tools, Writing with Numbers, Photojournalism and Copy Editing.

The State of the News Media 2013

Photo Blog Stop

 International Journalism News and Articles

See archive for more articles

Quill: Global Toolbox



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