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Song, Video Shed Light on Congo War

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In The Congo by Rhyme Like A Girl Featuring Nasambu highlights Congo War over Minerals for our Mobile Phones and Electronics

In The Congo – Rhyme Like A Girl Feat Nasambu (Published on June 8, 2013)

«In The Congo» is the first major musical collaborative effort of its kind to raise awareness on what some are calling the third World War. Calling for a new wave of Green Technology and Fair Trade Electronics. This music video highlights the main cause of rape and genocide in the Eastern Congo region as a desperate scramble for the minerals that power every cell phone and laptop. Produced and directed by Tanzanian Hip Hop guru, Zavara Mponjika, the video features US Hip Hop Ambassador Toni Blackman’s collective, Rhyme Like a Girl, alongside California based Kenyan Afro-Soul artist and founder of Activate Afrika, Nasambu. In times when the mainstream media rarely highlights issues of consequence, leaving many people in a state of ignorance, these artists have joined together across time, space, and geographical borders to express their views on this global war and human rights catastrophe that is urgently awaiting a timely response.

Twelve days after it was published, I knew about it thanks to a Global Voices twitt with a link to the following message from Ndesanjo Macha:

‘In the Congo’ is a song and video that shed light 20 year conflict over minerals used in mobile phones and electronics

The video is produced and directed by Zavara Mponjika, the respected hip hop pioneer and filmmaker from Tanzania and features New York based female hip hop group Rhyme Like A Girl and Los Angeles based Kenyan Afro-Soul artist Nasambu.

Besides «In the Congo» the blog En•clave LA  includes other interesting and useful videos for a better understanding of the link minerals-war in the largest and probably most conflictive African country.


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