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Spain in NATO

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Since joining NATO in 1982, Spanish foreign policy actively promotes the strengthening of the transatlantic link, which is fundamental to Spanish security.

Evidence of Spain’s commitment to NATO is its financial contribution (seventh largest contributor); putting at the Alliance’s disposal assets and capabilities and participation in operations that it carries out.

Spain combines its role in NATO with active participation in the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union. The EU’s Lisbon Treaty itself stresses that NATO remains—to the States of the Union that are members of the same—the foundation of their collective defence and its scope of implementation. The 21st Century Alliance, as has been outlined in successive Summits, remains one of the pillars of the security structure for both Spain and Europe.



NATO and Spain discuss Alliance’s response to new security challenges

The accession of Spain to NATO

Se cumplen 34 años de la entrada de España en la OTAN

34 años en la OTAN. Javier Solana ex secretario general  de la Alianza Atlántica, repasa la trayectoria. 


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