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Spain is growing again

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Spain’s Long Economic
Nightmare Is Finally Over

After nearly a decade of economic crisis, Spain
is finally growing again, underscoring hopes
that the eurozone has reached a healthier place.

MARTORELL, Spain — Inside a factory as cavernous as an airport terminal, half-built cars glide down the assembly line in a parade that never ends. Workers in coveralls sidle up on queue, attending to the meticulously timed tasks of turning steel into road-ready sedans.

The bustling activity at the SEAT auto factory in this industrial town just west of Barcelona attests to the new reality coloring life in Spain. The economy is growing again, expanding at around 3 percent pace over the last year, producing goods for export, generating jobs and restoring a sense of normalcy to a nation that has been saturated in despair.



Spanish economy back to pre-crisis size (BBC)


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