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Steve Bannon’s undoing

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By Helen Hoddinott (The Guardian)

Stealing the spotlight from Donald Trump could be the «kiss of death» for chief White House strategist Steve Bannon, according to the US President’s biographer Chris O’Brien.

Speaking on CNN, Mr O’Brien commented: “Trump likes advocates. He likes loyalists. He likes people who will advocate his viewpoint. He doesn’t like people who get more airtime and more attention than he does.”

Mr Bannon, former chairman of the far-right news outlet Breitbart, is known for voicing his opinions on Muslims, immigration and refugees.

Yet since the election, Mr Bannon has kept a low profile, and has rarely spoken in public.

“Bannon is a survivor,” said Mr O’Brien. “He’s clearly stayed in the background; he doesn’t like to give interviews for the most part.”

This has changed over the past week. Mr Bannon was thrust into the spotlight when he was promoted to an influential position on Mr Trump’s National Security Council.




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