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Strategic importance of the Persian Gulf

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Great Decisions 2021: Week 3–Persian Gulf Security Issues

Manitowoc Public Library is proud to present our fourteenth year of hosting this preeminent eight-week grassroots lecture series. MPL made the decision to go completely virtual with the Great Decisions program this year, livestreaming it on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

As such, anyone with a thirst for knowledge and an internet connection will have the opportunity to discover, discuss and decide how to meet some of the world’s greatest challenges head-on, every Monday evening at 6 PM in February and March.

Tonight. February 15, Dr. Beth Doughtery, Beloit College, will be discussing “Persian Gulf Security Issues.” The Persian Gulf remains tense as the rivalry between the regional powers of Saudi Arabia and Iran continues. Tensions escalated in early 2020 as the United States began to intervene in the Gulf, launching an airstrike that killed two Iranian military commanders.

What are the historical influences that have led to these tensions? What role, if any, should the United States play? Is using military force a viable foreign policy option for 2021 and beyond?

Feb 16, 2021

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