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Strategic Survey 2020

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The 2020 edition features 34 essays covering a comprehensive range of issues. Key topics include:

  • The politics of pandemic
  • Climate change: year of reckoning, postponed
  • Key international legal gaps
  • US–China relations: no way back?
  • Russia: the road to 2024
  • The US–Taliban deal: will Afghanistan’s peace process work?

Editor’s introduction

Why the UK’s National Cyber Force is an important step forward

Xi steers China towards economic and technological self-reliance

Russia policy priorities for a Biden presidency

Bolivia’s new government: many challenges, one big opportunity

Priorities and pitfalls for a Biden administration in the Middle East

Israel–UAE–Bahrain diplomacy: old divisions overtaken by new agendas

Defending against economic statecraft: China, the US and the rest

Why Lukashenko’s change of tactics matters for Belarus


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