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Stratfor situation reports (June 25, 2019)

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Stratfor’s Situation Reports

  • Venezuela: Russian Military Aircraft Lands in Caracas Link
  • China: Hong Kong, Taiwan Both See Protests Link
  • Pakistan: Emir of Qatar Pledges $3 Billion to Cash-Strapped Pakistan Link
  • U.S., Iran: Washington Imposes New Sanctions on Supreme Leader and IRGC Officials Link
  • Saudi Arabia: Houthi Drone Attack on Southwestern Airport Kills 1, Injures 7 Link
  • Mexico: Unions Ask for Injunctions on Labor Reform Required by USMCA Link
  • Georgia: Government Announces Electoral Reform Amid Protests, Russia Bans Direct Flights Link
  • Saudi Arabia: Kingdom Opens Applications for Permanent Residency, Aiming for Investors Link
  • Sudan: Transitional Military Council Rejects Ethiopian Mediation Effort Link
  • Palestinian Territories: Details of U.S. Economic Plan Released Link

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