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Syria: the world’s war

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Syria is now into its eighth year of war. What kind of future could the country have if the end came into sight? We hear from the UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres who has been speaking to the BBC, and fromour chief correspondent Lyse Doucet who has been making a documentary about the war.

Link to Documentary Broadcast on May 3, 2018

What Future For Syria? (ISPI, Med Dialogues)

Seven years into the conflict, the future of Syria still remains undefined. Despite the fact that the Islamic State has been defeated, while the Syrian regime has increasingly recovered strength and ground, the struggle for control of portions of the country, sectarianism and violence continue to fuel the war. Conflicting interests of different local players and external actors further contribute to fomenting the chaos. Starting from an evaluation of the latest developments and broader local, regional and international dynamics the workshop aims to stimulate a debate among policy planners, officials and experts on a long-term arrangement for Syria, taking into account the strategic interests of different stakeholders. (April 24, 2018)




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