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The 60 most fragile states (2013)

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On June 24th 2013 Foreign Policy announced in Twitter the publication of a new report on the planet’s most fragile states ().


The World’s 60 Most Fragile States

The distinction of being a «failed state» is inarguably damning, but the 12 indicators factored into this determination highlight how complex it is to measure the weakness of states. A wide range of issues — wars, hunger, brutal dictatorships, child mortality, economic failure, mass epidemics, political infighting, and the devastating aftermath of natural disasters — push countries to the brink of failure, or right over the edge.

This year’s Failed States Index — the ninth annual collaboration between Foreign Policy and the Fund For Peace — assesses 178 countries and ranks each by its total score, with 120 the maximum score a country can achieve (the higher a country’s rank and score, the weaker the state). The following photos capture slices of daily life in the world’s 60 most fragile countries — snapshots that not only reveal strife and hardship, but also triumph and perseverance.

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