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The balance of power shift in Asia. Who is winning? (Lowy Institute)

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The balance of power is shifting in Asia, and China is gaining on the US
China has closed the gap, according to Australia’s Lowy Institute think tank, but neither Beijing or Washington is destined to dominate the region.  3:34 PM · Oct 23, 2020
The annual Asia Power Index measures resources and influence to assess the relative power of states in Asia. It is an analytical tool that ranks 26 countries and territories in terms of what they have, and what they do with what they have — reaching as far west as Pakistan, as far north as Russia, and as far into the Pacific as Australia and the United States. The 2020 edition — which covers three years of data — is the most comprehensive assessment of the changing distribution of power in Asia so far. Among other things, it aims to sharpen the debate on the geopolitical consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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