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The ballot box, Diary and Record of World Events

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‘Ballot Box’ is a biweekly feature summarising electoral outcomes from around the globe. This issue covers elections from the 1st of March till the 15th of March.

DIARY – Political and General News Events From…… Reuters issues this diary daily at around 1000 GMT. All times in GMT unless otherwise stated. Items marked ** denote new or amended listings (Subscription required)


Keesing’s Record of World Events: It is the authoritative monthly digest of worldwide political, diplomatic and economic affairs. Published continuously since 1931, Keesing’s is the standard for thorough, objective coverage of significant events for every country as well as the major international organizations. Events that may have taken days or weeks to unfold are presented in detailed yet concise reports.

Resources available under subscription

Military and Government Collection

Oxford Companion to Australian Politics

Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions


Polling the Nations

Roper Center Public Opinion Archives (with iPOLL)

State Supreme Court Data Project

United Nations Treaty Collection

Web of Science

Westlaw Campus Research

World Almanac

World News Connection

Worldmark encyclopedia of the nations

Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB)

Access UN

Brazilian Government Document Digitization Project

Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL)

Cities of the World

Columbia International Affairs Online

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics

Congressional Research Service Fulltext

Country Watch

CQ Almanac

CQ Congress

CQ Encyclopedia of American Government

CQ Public Affairs Collection

CQ Researcher

CQ Voting and Elections Collection

CQ Weekly

Current Index to Statistics

Prensa Internacional: Resumen diario

Espacio del Docente

 Observatorio de Conflictos


Panorama Estratégico



beyondbrics (F. Times)

Further  Readings from the FT and from other publications

March 22, 2013 selection (example)

From FT:
China spins away from propaganda, Global Insight
A call to reverse urbanisation in Asia, Chandran Nair
Solar bankruptcy: dark days, Lex
Medvedev calls for EU rethink on Cyprus, World
Cyprus creates chill in EU-Russia ties, World

From elsewhere:
Special Report: Inside Putin’s central bank surprise, Reuters
Closer Look: What Should China Do with 18 Mln Pigs Carcasses Every Year?, Caixin Online
The Alibaba phenomenon, The Economist
India’s rich are the problem, The Hindu
What Greece Can Learn from Argentina
, America’s Quarterly

Watch our summary of today’s top news headlines reported at the top of the show: 

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