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The battle for Syria and Iraq in maps (BBC)

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The US-led coalition has launched more than 500 air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militant targets in Iraq since the campaign began on 8 August.

The US, with Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, has also carried out more than 400 attacks on IS in neighbouring Syria since 23 September.

Separately, US forces have launched nine strikes against an alleged network of al-Qaeda veterans named Khorasan, who had established a safe haven west of Aleppo and were reportedly plotting imminent attacks against the West.

The UK launched its first air strikes against IS targets in Iraq on 30 September – four days after Parliament approved military action.

US President Barack Obama has warned his coalition allies they are facing a «long-term campaign».

Analysis of the targets hit by air strikes shows the vast majority have been IS vehicles. Lack of forces or intelligence on the ground means it has been hard to identify precise targets.


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