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The coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict

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Israel-Palestine: The conflict and the coverage

We analyse the polarising coverage of the clashes in occupied East Jerusalem; plus, the false binaries in the media.

Over the past few weeks, violent clashes have erupted in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, with youths taking to the streets to protest against an occupation that has lasted almost half a century.

Israel has been swift and brutal in its response – to date, more than 50 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces.

Videos of these attacks, as well as the reprisals, have been broadcast by mainstream media causing some to conclude that the news is fuelling the sense of grievance and then the violence.

Whenever violence flares in this region, there are complaints from both sides over how this story is reported, and the same concerns – the lack of context, the issues around terminology and the way the stories are framed – have come to the fore once again.




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