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The Eastern Mediterranean crisis (The Economist/Financial Times)

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Aron Lund@aronlund
Excellent @TheEconomist explainer of the eastern Mediterranean crisis – a whirl of energy strategy, gunboat diplomacy, trilateral pacts, pipeline plans, eccentric geographical claims, bad-faith legal arguments, and unhinged nationalism. PM · Sep 8, 2020

F TIMES Sep 8, 2020

What is at stake in the eastern Mediterranean crisis?

in London, in Ankara and in Brussels

Competition over gas discoveries in the eastern Mediterranean has combined with bitter regional rivalries to fuel dangerous tensions between Turkey and its neighbours in recent months. Many fear this could lead to direct military confrontation between Turkey and Greece, as the two Nato members and their allies square up over control of the seas. Germany warned last month that Greece and Turkey were “playing with fire” and that “the smallest spark could cause disaster”.



En Méditerranée orientale, la Turquie campe sur la ligne dure (Le Monde, Sep 16, 2020)


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