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The end of Merkel era in Germany (the 2021 elections)

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German parliament and DW election logo

Angela Merkel: German chancellor in times of crisis

As chancellor, Angela Merkel has led Germany through many international crises. How successful was she? A DW documentary interviewed former heads of state, historians and journalists. (DWNEWS)



A black, a yellow, a green and a red pencil on a black mat, targeting a blue circle

Deciphering the color code

The center-right Christian Democrat CDU and its Bavarian sister party CSU are symbolized by the color black. The center-left Social Democrat SPD is red, as is the communist Left Party. The pro-free market Free Democrats’ (FDP) color is yellow. And the Greens are self-explanatory. German media refer to the color combinations and national flags using them as shorthand for political combinations. (dwnews)


Bloated Bundestag: Trouble for German democracy?

After Elections, Germany Faces a Post-Merkel Future

German election: How reliable are opinion polls?



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