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The EU response to COVID-19 (Elcano Debate)

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The #COVID19 has been an unprecedented challenge for the world. 🇪🇺 The European Union, an unfinished integration project with a very high degree of interconnectedness between nation states, was condemned for too slow to respond.

👥 Nevertheless, the pandemic has been an existential threat to both the Schengen Area and to the single market, two central pillars of European integration. In addition, the ghosts of the previous crises of the 21st century are still affecting the positions and decisions of the member states.

The response to this global crisis will have a number of consequences. This roundtable aims to start up the conversation on the future of the Union taking into consideration the various dimension of the crisis. Participants: 🗣 @RosaBalfour 🗣 @ilketoygur 🗣 @NvOndarza; Moderator: @CharlesTPowell

May 14, 2020


Local and regional authorities as actors of the European response to the COVID-19 crisis (May 8, 2020)


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