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The evolving nature of the media

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Spring 2014 highlights at the Shorenstein Center

Throughout the academic year, the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center hosts a weekly speaker series. Over the spring semester in 2014, these events featured a wide variety of journalists and media thinkers, from Julia Angwin and Andrew Revkin to Demorah Amos and Brian McGrory. We’ve rounded up discussions of interest for journalists and media members of all kinds; topics of conversation range from media coverage of Syria to the struggle to maintain privacy in a world of omnipresent surveillance.

The following are seven highlights from this spring’s discussions. A full list of past Shorenstein Center events can be found in the calendar archive. You can also subscribe to the iTunes feed to hear these and future conversations.

David Carr, New York Times: ‘New skin’ needed for old news models

Julia Angwin, ProPublica: How to protect your private data online

Andrew Revkin, New York Times: “Digital tools can help journalists cover complexity of climate change”

Deborah Amos, National Public Radio: Facts and propaganda at war in Syria’s chaotic media landscape

Brian McGrory, Boston Globe: “The business model is broken — but journalism is not”

Ben Smith, BuzzFeed: Is the new newsroom the future?

Andrea Mitchell, NBC News: Covering foreign affairs while keeping the facts straight

By Journalist’s Resource | June 20, 2014



David Carr, New York Times: ‘New skin’ needed for old news models – See more at:
Spring 2014 highlights at the Shorenstein Center

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