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The fallout from Afghanistan and other counterinsurgency failures

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Chicago Council on Global Affairs

World Review returns after a summer break for an in-depth conversation on Afghanistan with Bobby Ghosh, Steve Erlanger, Carla Anne Robbins, and Council President Ivo Daalder. They explore how the situation got to this point, what the United States did and didn’t know about the Taliban’s strength, how regional actors like Pakistan and India might react to Afghanistan’s leadership, growing tension between NATO allies who disagree with US Leadership, the looming refugee crisis, and more.  (Aug 27, 2021)

Counterinsurgency’s Failures, from Afghanistan to Vietnam

Winning hearts and minds doesn’t defeat insurgent groups, author Jacqueline Hazelton argues. So why does the United States still rely on counterinsurgency?


The US in Afghanistan: It was always going to end this way

Disinformation sowed our failure in Afghanistan

US Public Supports Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Pakistan’s Taliban Gamble


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