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The five FRONTLINE most-listened-to podcasts of 2021.

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At FRONTLINE, we are best known for making documentary films that investigate key issues and hold the powerful to account.

But some stories are meant to be heard.

That’s why, in recent years, FRONTLINE has expanded into the podcast realm — bringing the same quality, accuracy and compelling storytelling you expect from us into the audio space.

You can listen for yourself. Check out our audio offerings, including:

  • The FRONTLINE Dispatch, a collection of sharp and compelling conversations between our executive producer and journalists in the field. Here are our five most-listened-to episodes of 2021.
  • Un(re)solved, a miniseries in which reporter James Edwards explores the government’s efforts to grapple with America’s legacy of racist killings through the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act — while reflecting on his own family’s experience with racist violence.
  • I’m Not A Monster, a 10-episode series with the BBC following journalist Josh Baker’s search for the truth about an American woman who traveled to the heart of ISIS territory with her family. You can listen to the whole series now.

We also have a FRONTLINE film tracks feed, where you can listen to specially produced audio versions of our documentaries.

You can subscribe to our audio series on Apple PodcastsStitcherSpotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

You’ll receive selected updates on our podcast and audio storytelling as a FRONTLINE Insider. But if you’d like more frequent alerts about what we’re up to on the audio front, you can sign up for our FRONTLINE podcast newsletter.

Thank you for listening.

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