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The fragility of the Earth (the world in 2021, acc to the UN Sec. General)

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Jan. 25, 2021. Davos Forum

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I thank you very much for this opportunity to address the Davos Agenda.

Humanity has just endured a year of tragedy and crisis that we never want to repeat.

If there is one word that characterizes today’s world, it is fragility.

We see it in the impacts of the COVID-19 emergency.

More than 2 million people have died, and we are in the worst economic crisis for nearly a century.

We see it in the inequalities among people and countries that have been starkly highlighted by the pandemic.

Women, in particular, have been badly affected by job losses and extra burdens of care.

We also see fragility in the climate and biodiversity crises.

Both are existential threats.  Both are getting worse.

We are waging war on nature and destroying our life support system and nature is striking back.

We see fragility in global geopolitical divides.



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