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The Future Library

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Margaret Atwood is taking time capsules to a whole other level:  ()

No One Will Read Margaret Atwood’s Newest Work For 100 Years

Time capsules are pretty awesome, but a new initiative called the Future Library project is taking them to a whole other level. For the next century, one author per year will contribute a piece that will then be sealed away until 2114. Margaret Atwood is up first. If you’re a fan, you have 100 years to get pumped up.

Scottish artist Katie Paterson is behind the Future Library project. She planted 1,000 trees in woods outside Oslo, and the plan is to cut them down a century from now to print the 100 works on. Paterson told the Guardian that Atwood is her “dream” first author. It seems like a perfect fit since Atwood is known for writing about the future, often dystopias, in novels like The Handmaid’s Tale and the MaddAddam trilogyMORE


Margaret Atwood’s new work will remain unseen for a century: Novelist says it is ‘delicious’ to be first contributor to the Future Library, which will compile 100 texts for publication in 2114 (The Guardian,  


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