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The Great Inventions up to 1913

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November 1963. Vision in the Brain
“In most parts of the nervous system the anatomy is too intricate to reveal much about function. One way to circumvent this difficulty is to record impulses with microelectrodes in anesthetized animals, first from the fibers coming into a structure of neurons and then from the neurons themselves or from the fibers they send onward… David H. Hubel”

November 1913. Ten Greatest Inventions, 1888–1913
(Scientific American ran an essay contest on the “ten greatest inventions of our time,” defined as the 25 years prior to 1913.)

“No two competitors selected the same set of inventions. In fact, only one invention, that of Wireless Telegraphy, was conceded unanimously to belong among the ten greatest. The vote on Aeroplanes was almost unanimous. But beyond that there was not the slightest trace of unanimity. The following is the result of the vote on a percentage basis:
Wireless telegraphy—97%
X-Ray machine—74%
Motion pictures—63%
Reinforced concrete—37%
Incandescent electric lamp—35%
Steam turbine—34%
Electric car—34%”



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