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The incredible change the Queen has seen (BBC)

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image of the queen

image of the queen
The UK has undergone huge social, scientific and technological change over the last 70 years – but Queen Elizabeth II has remained a constant, stabilising presence.

Take a visual journey through this incredible period of history the Queen has witnessed and been part of.

From the dawn of the Space Age…

to plans to populate Mars

Tech giants Apple and Microsoft are founded by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in the 1970s

Planet MarsMars helicopterMars roverBlue rectangleBritish astronaut Tim PeakeElon MuskInternational Space StationBritish astronaut Helen SharmanChallenger disasterMan watching the Challenger disasterNasa control room when Apollo 13 returns safelyThe MoonMoon landingsLaunch of Sputnik 1


Virtual reality kitGreen circleYouTubeMTV logoParliament first televisedSatellite dishDr Who's tardisColour TV test cardGreen rectangle BBC TV film camera from 1960sQueen's coronation broadcast on TVPeople watching a 1950s TV at home

From the birth of rock ‘n roll…

to music streaming


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