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The Israel-Hamas war

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Alec Russell, foreign editor, was joined by FT colleagues in Jerusalem, Beirut, Cairo and Washington DC for a subscriber webinar on the Israel-Hamas war, fears of a wider conflict and the chance of a long-term settlement.

As the international outcry grows over the death toll and humanitarian crisis in Gaza, our panel answered your questions on the following topics and more:

-What will it take to bring a lasting ceasefire in Gaza? 

.Is the Biden administration able to secure a change of course by Israel as long as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is kept in power by far-right politicians opposed to any deal with Palestinians? 

-How much damage has America’s backing for Israel done to Washington’s standing in the world — and to President Biden’s domestic political support? 

-Is a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict still viable? What is the role of Israel’s Arab neighbours in bringing peace to and rebuilding shattered Palestinian communities? 

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