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The Marshall Plan: 70 years

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2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the Marshall Plan, an audacious, innovative strategy to tackle the most pressing challenges of its time. Breaking Western Europe’s cycle of conflict and rebuilding economies devastated by World War II was an immense task, and the Marshall Plan is a concrete example of the scale of change made possible by bold thinking and international cooperation.

The spirit of the Marshall Plan is as needed now as it was seventy years ago. The values that the Marshall Plan represents and that GMF is dedicated to promoting – democracy, free enterprise, universal respect for all – are as essential in addressing today’s challenges as they were in 1947. The Marshall Plan still serves as a source of hope because it demonstrated that with shared purpose we can overcome seemingly insurmountable problems.

Read the press release from GMF’s June 21st anniversary event with Chancellor Angela Merkel and Henry Kissinger.


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