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The media in Afghanistan under the taliban

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How a U.S. Drone Strike Killed the Wrong Person

New York Times and Washington Post investigations cast doubt on Pentagon’s account of Kabul drone strike

Ward: Afghan journalists are petrified

‘I thought this was the end of my life:’ Afghan journalists describe savage beatings by Taliban

Inside a surreal journey from the Pakistani border to Taliban-controlled Kabul

An Afghan YouTuber was killed at Kabul airport. Many more fear the worst

The war is ‘not over for them:’ Reporters, activists urge press to stay focused on Afghan civilians

Female journalist flees Afghanistan following groundbreaking TV interview with Taliban spokesman

Inside the efforts to get Afghan journalists to safety

Mexico welcomes more than 100 Afghan journalists fleeing the Taliban

The mounting press-freedom toll in Afghanistan

News on Afghanistan media in Nieman Lab

Afghan journalists ‘have to get out of the country’ (DW)

Afghanistan: The Taliban are trying to silence the voices of journalists (DW)

Taliban’s return ‘a catastrophe’ for journalism in Afghanistan

Violent attacks on Afghan journalists by Taliban prompt growing alarm

CPJ Insider: Crisis in Afghanistan

Afghan female journalist: I may not be alive by the time US can evacuate me (CPJ)

How Afghanistan’s media is changing under Taliban rule (BBC)

‘Journalism is sacred work’: Afghanistan’s front line reporters (AJE)

RSF asks International Criminal Court to investigate murders of journalists in Afghanistan (RsF)



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