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The new poverty line

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Earth’s poor set to swell as World Bank moves poverty line

The World Bank is to make the most dramatic change to its global poverty line for 25 years — raising its measure by a half to about $1.90 per day — in a move likely to swell the statistical ranks of the world’s poor by tens of millions.

The move from $1.25 would be the biggest revision since the World Bank introduced its $1 a day yardstick of global poverty in 1990.

World leaders meet on Friday at the UN headquarters to commit to 17 new “sustainable development goals” meant to guide development policy for the next 15 years.

The first and most prominent is the eradication by 2030 of “extreme poverty everywhere” as defined by the World Bank’s $1.25 a day line.

The bank is expected to follow the event by shifting its poverty line to about $1.90 ahead of its annual meetings in Lima, Peru, in early October — a move likely to result in significant shifts in the estimated size and distribution of the planet’s poor.






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