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The next 50 years (G. Freedman, Geopolitical Futures)

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The Next 50 Years(George Friedman│Geopolitical Futures, Founder and Chairman): For better or worse, the world as a whole has been benefiting from public goods provided by the United States as a global leader since the end of World War II. Institutions of global governance such as UN, Bretton Woods system signified by IMF and World Bank, and GATT installed in place to promote international trade have all contributed to ushering in the era of peace and prosperity for 70 years.

With the re-emergence of nationalism and economic protectionism worldwide, it seems like we are at a historical juncture of heightened disenchantment with globalization. Moreover, recent outbreak of coronavirus may exacerbate an existing tendency for countries to turn inward. Against this backdrop, this session will explore whether any tectonic changes brought on by recent geopolitical upheavals will give rise to perpetual, systemic transformation or merely imprint transitory, albeit serious, impacts on both our society and the relations among nations.

Participants will examine how changing geopolitical factors will apply in the post-pandemic framework. Which actor(s) will likely play an increasing role in the post-pandemic global governance landscape? Will the US resuscitate its position as a world leader and maintain predominance over China even after 50 years? Will China, or any other country or multilateral body, eventually take over the US role to some degree? Participants will also discuss whether Korea can play a leading role amongst like-minded countries in facilitating a common interface in this rapidly changing world. In the end, this session aims to paint a broad picture on how recent global challenges and opportunities will change the geopolitical reality of 50 years from now. (Oct 2020)

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