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Persistent Insecurity in North Africa,
Wherever You Look

By Arezki Daoud: As we have warned for months and even years, the ongoing, and easily predictable political evolution of North Africa and the Sahel was inevitably leading to a substantial security erosion. Chaos is dangerously settling in and it will take decades, billions of dollars, and substantial efforts to fix the multi-faceted problems the region is facing. Continue here.


Egypt on the Brink of Economic Collapse, GCC [Minus Qatar] to the Rescue  Continue


The Sahelian Powder Keg
By Arezki Daoud

North and West Africa are facing a multiplicity of crises. Dictators have ruled and toppled, but a power vacuum from Tunis to Tripoli and Cairo has opened up a Pandora’s box. Those who hopped for democracy, human rights and the rule of law, are finding themselves stuck between a bad option and a worst one. Power has been quickly stolen by conservative Islamists, and the so-called moderate Islamists are finding themselves dealing with the more extreme Salafist militants who do not hesitate to use violent means, such as assassinations, to eliminate political opponents. Continue


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