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The Pentagon’s report on UFOs

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Illustration of a poster of a UFO hovering over a landscape with copy that reads, "I Believe". 

The U.S. government’s hotly anticipated report on UFOs does not lend any credence to the belief that intelligent aliens have visited Earth. But that idea is in many Americans’ heads, and it’s there to stay.

The big picture: People want to believe.

  • Early accounts of the report even suggested that it would not claim that these objects are alien in origin, but that didn’t stopped the speculation that these UFOs — or unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAPs), in military speak — could be proof of intelligent alien life come calling.
  • Some experts worry that the release of the report will just continue to fuel conspiracy theories and anxiety for years to come.

What’s happening: The public version of the UFO report, which Congress demanded last year, found no evidence that aliens were responsible for any of the UAPs investigated.

  • However, the investigators weren’t able to find explanations for all of the reports they looked into, leaving the door open for more conspiracy theories to develop.



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