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The pessimism of the European voters

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Survey shows gloomy mood of EU voters

Two-thirds of French voters believed their country’s economy was worse than it was a year ago and felt less secure in their jobs, according to a survey for the Financial Times. The survey, carried out across the EU’s five biggest economies, underlines the pessimism felt by many voters in the run-up to this month’s European elections.

In Spain, which has been held up as an exemplar of the eurozone’s recovery, many voters saw little change – even though the country notched up its highest growth rate for six years in the first quarter of this year. More than a third of those questioned felt the economy was worse than a year ago and 43 per cent said it was no better.

The gloomy responses show the challenges confronting mainstream politicians across Europe as they seek to persuade disenchanted voters about a nascent economic recovery that many still do not discern.

That sense of frustration and insecurity is expected to propel eurosceptic and populist parties to new heights in the European parliament when voters go to the polls between May 22 and 25… MORE



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