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The US in a multipolar world (Cornell, Nov 2021)

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Jeffrey Sachs

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs

What does the end of “The American Century” mean for U.S. foreign policy and global cooperation? How can the goals of sustainable development help move us towards a more equitable society? Jeffrey D. Sachs, a world-renowned expert on economic development, considers the failures of American exceptionalism and lays out a vision of how technological dynamism and global cooperation can secure a better future for the United States and for the world.

Join the Center for the Study of Economy & Society for the third installment of its fall lecture series, “The American State in a Multipolar World.” The series features distinguished scholars and public intellectuals: Francis Fukuyama, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Joseph Nye Jr., and Andrew J. Bacevich as they discuss the issues and choices facing the American state in a multipolar global economy and shifting world system. Does maintaining American democracy rely on American hegemony? Is a new Cold War compatible with the priorities of climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic, which require inter-state cooperation?



Joseph Nye

Francis Fukuyama

Adam Hanieh, Rachel Herzing, Richard Seymour, Rozina Ali, andTejasvi Nagaraja on 20 years of the Global War on Terror (Nov 30, 2021)

Sonia Nazario and Nadja Drost on Inmigration (Dic 1, 2021)






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