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The war in Ukraine and the global food crisis (The Chicago Council…)

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Chicago Council on Global Affairs



Distinguished Fellow Ertharin Cousin, former head of the UN World Food Programme, explains what happens when the Russia-Ukraine war puts pressure on the global food supply chain. “This is just a tipping point of challenges that had already begun,” she tells TVO’s Steve Paikin. “Without assistance, there will be famines.” 

April 8, 2022


The food crisis is what happens when global chains collapse. We might need to get used to it

El hambre provocada deliberadamente como arma de guerra.- Blanca Palacián de Inza

Delivering to deserts: New data reveals the geography of digital access to food in the U.S. (Brookings)

The banks collapsed in 2008 – and our food system is about to do the same


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