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The world ahead… 2022 (The Economist)

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Welcome to The World Ahead 2022, our guide to the coming year. Our correspondents and outside experts consider the new reality that is emerging in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and ask what it means for politics, economics, business, science and culture. The World Ahead 2022 is the flagship publication of our future-gazing franchise, which also includes The World Ahead: What If?, our scenarios supplement, published every July. If you are not already a subscriber to The Economist you can unlock some of our content by registering.

Ten trends to watch in the coming year

Covid-19 is likely to fade away in 2022

China hopes to flaunt the merits of its political system over America’s

Xi Jinping’s crackdown on Chinese tech firms will continue

Will the world economy return to normal in 2022?

How to ensure that the future of work is fair for all

Decentralised finance is booming, but it has yet to find its purpose

Energy investment needs to increase—so bills and taxes must rise

International travel will get easier, but restrictions will remain

Several ambitious space missions will blast off in 2022

China avoids Olympic protests by banning foreign spectators

22 emerging technologies to watch in 2022


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