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Top 10 most dangerous cities in the world

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Here are the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world of 2011, according to Mexican think tank Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice and distributed by Global Post. The series’ first photo, taken on March 20, 2012, shows relatives of victims of unrest at a local prison, in which 13 people died, receiving the corpses of their loved ones. – [ORLANDO SIERRA/AFP/Getty Images]

The 20 most dangerous cities in the world last year were in Latin America, according to the Mexican think tank.

Mexico, where more than 60,000 people have died in drug-related violence in the past six years, dominated the list with nine cities in the top 20.

On March 7, 2013, STRATFOR published a report –Spring Break in Mexico 2013: Security Risks and Travel Tips- reminding would be travellers to Mexico to read carefully the regular guidelines (usually unread) from U.S. college administrators and the State Department to reduce risks and dangers when visiting countries like Mexico, destiny of some 150.000 U.S. citizens each year: 

Nothing in the behavior of Mexican cartels indicates that they would consciously keep tourists out of the line of fire or away from the gruesome displays of their murder victims. Violence related to the cartels is spreading, and while tourists may not be directly targeted, they can be caught in the crossfire or otherwise find themselves in situations where their security is compromised. Transnational criminal organizations, it should be remembered, are more than just drug traffickers: They participate in extortion, robbery, rape and carjackings.

And where cartels are violently targeting each other, local gangs can take advantage of law enforcement’s resulting distraction to commit crimes of their own. Violence between competing criminal organizations in Mexico has been ongoing for more than two decades. In the last decade, this violence has escalated nearly every year. According to Mexico’s National System of Public Security, 2006 saw 11,806 murders. Subsequently, there were 10,253 murders in 2007, 13,155 in 2008, 16,118 in 2009, 20,681 in 2010, 22,480 in 2011, and 20,560 in 2012… (read more)

The report ends with 12 general safety tips visitors should keep in mind when visiting Mexico:

  • Do not drive at night.

  • Use only pre-arranged transportation between the airport and the resort or hotel.

  • If at a resort, plan on staying there; refrain from going into town, particularly at night.

  • If you do go into town (or anywhere off the resort property), do not accept a ride from unknown persons, do not go into suspicious-looking or run-down bars, do not wander away from brightly lit public places and do not wander on the beach at night.

  • Stop at all roadblocks.

  • Do not bring anything with you that you are not willing to have taken from you.

  • If confronted by an armed individual who demands the possessions on your person, give them up.

  • Do not bring ATM cards linked to your bank account (among other things, an ATM card can facilitate an express kidnapping.)

  • Do not get irresponsibly intoxicated.

  • Do not accept a drink from a stranger, regardless of your sex.

  • Do not make yourself a tempting target by wearing expensive clothing or jewelry.

  • Do not venture out alone, but bear in mind that being part of a group does not guarantee safety

Going back to the GlobalPost report, other dangerous Latin American cities were in Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador and Colombia. 

The list of 50 most violent cities in the world was published earlier this year. Four US cities – New Orleans (21), Detroit (30), St Louis (43) and Baltimore (48) were on the list. None were in Europe or Asia. 


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