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Trump against the Media

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President Donald Trump took to Twitter to threaten the media and issue a warning to fired FBI Director James Comey. | Getty (Source: POLITICO)

Amid FBI fallout, Trump escalates war against media and Comey

The president took to Twitter Friday to ratchet up his rhetoric against two targets in a move one Democrat described as ‘unhinged.’


President Donald Trump on Friday opened a two-front war over the firing of James Comey, first threatening to cancel media press briefings and then issuing an ominous warning to his former FBI director that he should hope there aren’t recordings of his conversations with the president.

Later Friday, press secretary Sean Spicer refused to comment on whether or not Trump actually had a recording of his conversations with Comey.

“I’ve talked to the president,” Spicer said. “The president has nothing further to add on that.”

Senior White House aides and people close to Trump told POLITICO that they had no idea whether Trump has installed listening devices in the Oval Office or elsewhere in the White House.

Spicer did say, however, that Trump’s warning shot to Comey should not be interpreted as a threat.


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